Hospice & Beyond Life Counseling

I have been aware of and consistently thoughtful about the eventuality of my own death ever since I can remember. I've learned to embrace this unwavering awareness as a strength and to use it to help others who have little to no choice but to face the temporariness of their own present life. 


You may be someone dealing with a terminal illness. 

You may have a loved one facing such an illness, or who has transitioned and you are experiencing grief and loss. 


You may have faced death in a traumatic or spiritually transformative experience (STE). 

For those unable to travel and in need of a community visit, I will travel to you or your loved one, using safety protocols (ex COVID19 health and safety recommendations), to talk about what is happening for you, explore thoughts and beliefs about death and what happens next, pursue a sense of peace and resolution for your life, and explore plans for loved ones beyond the transition from life, from an integrative counseling perspective. 

(*Unfortunately I cannot offer financial or legal advice, or Death With Dignity assessments.*)


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