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Direction in trauma or transition

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

The aim is always improvement, but you're probably here because something in your life isn't quite right. Your family situation may have drastically changed. You might feel limited, hurt, traumatized, stuck, confused, ambivalent, or weighed down. You may have been going in a direction, and then something happened and it stopped or changed everything. Perhaps now you have decisions to make because of it. All of these things can mean a lot of self-reflection and thought. Memories, thoughts, and feelings can resurface that you may not have thought about in years, or that you haven't quite processed but you want to, in order to let go, accept, or transform them.

The counseling issues that are related to this may be:

- trauma and PTSD

- family of origin problems stemming from childhood

- life transitions and experiences: divorces or breakups, loss of faith, parent death, second act, retirement, gender identity transition or affirmation, past-life memories, being an "experiencer" (of phenomena, not your work style) or integrating spiritually transformative experience

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